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Molecules by Theodore Gray is the extraordinary sequel to The Elements. For the first time, experience what it’s like to touch, stretch and twist molecules, and discover how everything around us is made.

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Few iOS apps are as thoughtfully designed as Molecules, and even fewer combine superb visuals with clear writing that encourages exploration.

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Molecules uses its predecessor as a springboard to further greatness.

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Discover molecules

Molecules combines stunning rotational photography, captivating stories and scientifically accurate 3D simulations to explain everything you need to know about how the world is put together.

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Revolutionary technology

Using cutting-edge research by scientists at the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics group at the University of Illinois, Molecules lets you bend and flex – with as many fingers as you want – physically meaningful simulations of molecules, to experiment with their structural properties. 

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A lavish exploration

The next step in the grand story that began with the periodic table, Molecules contains all 14 chapters from Theodore Gray’s acclaimed book, plus a specially written extra chapter about the molecular dynamics simulation.

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Surprising examples

Explore the surprising chemistry of perfumes and stink bombs, goops and oils, rocks and ores, and controversial compounds.

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The architecture of everything

Molecules by Theodore Gray is a fascinating, invaluable guide behind the scenes of our world. It gives science enthusiasts and experts alike an instant understanding of how everything around us is made.

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